The Metaphysical Box will play @ Macro Asilo in Rome with surrealist performer Gerald Bruneau in a Psychedelic performance

The performance focuses on improvisation and the interaction between visual and sound material. It is an audiovisual installation in which the aesthetic and formal models of two different eras meet.
The concept recovers and reworks the analogue generation of moving psychedelic images used in the light shows of the 1960s of which Gerald Bruneau was the protagonist.

The psychedelic visual is reread according to the aesthetics of the digital epic in symbiosis with electronic music in a performance in which the classicism of analog photo-luminous manipulation coexist with experimentation electro-acoustic.

The surrealist and gestural heritage of the pop-art era finds a new identity within the contemporary electro-acoustic heritage

The event coincides with the release on Eclectic Productions of the new album “Shamans of the Soundscapes” recorded live in the regional park of Bracciano/Martignano.

Gerald Bruneau

He began his career in New York in the 1970s, collaborating on Andy Warhol’s Factory and creating portraits and reportage in the United States. In the 1980s he moved to Italy where he began working as a freelancer for prestigious magazines. He has done social reports in Kurdistan, Israel, Palestine, Albania, Mexico and Chapas; on the death penalty in Texas and on drug addiction in New York. He also developed services on the Blues in Mississippi and
about new artistic trends in New Mexico. In Italy he has taken shots of heretic scientists or new Neapolitan melodic musicians. His best-known portraits are Ciampi, Andreotti, Cossiga, Prodi, Dario Fo, Pavarotti, Sugar,
Schumacher, Totti, De Laurentis, Penelope Cruz. His works have been published in the most important Italian and foreign magazines such as Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, Le Figaro, Le Monde. As the author of light shows he collaborated in the 1960s with bands such as Soft Machine, Pink Floyd and Aphrodite’s Child.

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