Entropia Techno Dept. Live all’Arena Club a Berlino (Est) il 7 settembre

Rome’s powerhouse Eclectic Limited presents its first showcase in Berlin, taking place at Arena Club and featuring Glasgow’s techno legend Hans Bouffmyhre, Berlin’s mighty locals Ken Karter and Abyssal Chaos and Eclectic’s resident acts Entropia Techno Department (LIVE) + Kenny Dahl!

Line-up /

Hans Bouffmyhre
Ken Karter (live)
Abyssal Chaos (Hybrid)
Entropia Techno Department (live)
Kenny Dahl




New AMPTEK’s E.P. KALI YUGA coming out april 30!!

A new techno e.p. by Amptek is coming out on Eclectic Productions, the title is Kali Yuga.

Kali Yuga (Devanāgarī: कलियुग [kəli juɡə], lit. “age of Kali”, or “age of vice”) is the last of the four stages (or ages or yugas)
the world goes through as part of a ‘cycle of yugas’ (i.e. Mahayuga) described in the Sanskrit scriptures. (wikipedia)


The Kali Yuga is an important concept  in philosophy that describes modern Western capitalist civilization 
as being in its Kali Yuga phase, in a state of degeneration and eventual collapse.

The tracks are three:


  • Kali Yuga
  • Zeitgeist
  • Structure



a new compilation of Amptek’s tracks on Bandcamp

A collection of classic electronic tracks by Amptek from 1997 to now. Electro, ambient, breakbeat, experimental music composed and performed by Alex Marenga with his original and unmistakable style.
Only in digital download on our Bandcamp Page:




Raccolta retrospettiva che recupera brani realizzati fra il 1997 e il 2017.
Le tracce sono presenti su album ed e.p. pubblicati in vari formati: digitale, cd e vinile ed essendo quindi già presenti sui principali store web all’interno di altre raccolte sono distribuite in esclusiva sul nostro Bandcamp.  “A Collection of Summer Hits” ha il formato di un disco doppio contiene infatti 27 brani ad un prezzo speciale.
Prossimamente Eclectic presenterà una analoga raccolta di Entropia.




1. Falso Movimento 06:48
2. Biotechnological Humanity 04:45
3. Missing Life 06:29
4. Haxan 13:29
5. Hypotesys on Alien Life p.2 09:21
6. Definitions 03:18
7. Technology’s Effects On Cognition 07:41
8. Checksum 01:54
9. Dreamland 02:25
10..Augmented Reality 07:12
11..Cognitive Dissonance 06:05
12..Suspension of Disbelief 04:03
13..Temporal Plasticity 03:36
14. Metacommunicative Abstracts 04:26
15. Anthropocentrism 04:56
16. The Eclipse of Reason part3: Seduction and Persuasion 04:52
17. Hemispheres: segment 2 06:48
18. Area 51 (Groomlake Version) 07:36
19. The Goldberg Ambients 06:48
20. The Speculative Bubble 04:31
21. Equilibrium 05:24
22. Engineers of the Masses 02:24
23. Create Your Own Future 03:23
24. Ghosts Before Breakfast 03:48
25. Unresolved Emotional Issues 06:18
26. Body Language 08:09
27. The Physics of The Universe part 2 06:43

releases September 30, 2017