new album as Alex Marenga “Materia” for Eclectic Productions


Materia is a collection of experimental tracks played by interacting the electric guitar with electronic and digital devices. The project is inserted in the framework of the discs for “augmented guitars”, where with this term we indicate the uses of the guitar enhanced by the interaction with the digital technologies.
In this research, Alex Marenga explores the possible analog sound applications of the guitar processed with digital effects, with the laptop and with Eurorack modular effects and the possibility of using the instrument as a MIDI controller.
At the formal level he uses these sound technologies to generate sound environments, glitches, noise layers, loops, granular synthesis in a sound journey that transports in the maze of contemporary experimental music.
The concept of the realization of the tracks refers to the contemporary art to its use of space and matter, as dynamic compositive elements. The author also focuses on the artistic gesture and the movement of sound within the perceptual space offered by digital support. In particular there are tributes to the works of Alberto Burri, Lucio Fontana and Marina Abramovich.

released April 25, 2019

Alex Marenga: Fender and Godin guitars, Dobro, noises, guitar-synthesizer, sound direction

here on Bandcamp

Electronic Blues Foundation “Digital Bluesman” out now!!!

Electronic Blues Foundation: “Digital Bluesman” new album 2019
Eclectic is pleased to announce the release on all music e-commerce sites in software format and soon in audio CD of the album “Digital Bluesman” of Electronic Blues Foundation.

The project, produced by Entropia, aims to recontextualise thesounds of the Blues through a technological point of view.

In addition to Amptek and Dr. Lops by Entropia take part in the work vocalist Laura Desideri, the guitarist Luca Gallo as guest the singer Elisabetta Maulo .

Amptek’s New Video “Cammelli a Massimina”

Massimina, frazione della cintura periferica della capitale sull’Aurelia incastrata fra il GRA e Malagrotta.
Disordinato centro figlio della speculazione e dei condoni che sorge difronte ai grandi capannoni dei centri convenienza e similari lungo la statale.
Questi frame rubati a un terreno privato all’interno dell’abitato simboleggiano le contraddizioni della periferia di una città schizofrenica nella quale convivono le più disparate diversità finanche dei cammelli.


Cammelli a Massimina

“Cammelli a Massimina” è un’improvvisazione per chitarra elettrica e synth modulare.

L’idea e le immagini si rifanno a un episodio realmente avvenuto, ovvero la presenza di alcuni cammelli all’interno di un appezzamento privato a ridòsso dell’abitato di Massimina, periferia di Roma vicino al G.R.A. sull’Aurelia. Il contrasto fra la disordinata realtà urbana della periferia romana e la presenza di questi animali esotici dal carattere mite si concilia in modo surreale ai cluster timbrici della composizione.



Plastic Mother Nature è fra i video di Art Rooms 2018

un video di Alex Marenga (aka Amptek) sarà presentato all’ International Contemporary Art Fair for Indipendent Artists ArtRooms 2018 a Roma dal 2 al 4 march 2018.
il brano è estratto da “Plastic Mother Nature” by Eclectic Productions 2016.


 The Church Palace Hotel, Via Aurelia 481, 00165 Roma RM



new album as Alex Marenga: “Music for Augmented Guitars”

Eclectic Productions published the new Alex Marenga’s album: “Music For Augmented Guitars”. A collection of experimental and meditative improvvisations recorded with filtered and altered guitar sounds.

The electric guitar like an oscillator. A sound journey into guitar processed with modular synthesys and granular software. A “glitchology” of guitar possibilities in the digital age. 

Alex Marenga, producer and author, guitarist and experimentator, has been active various electronic and electro-acoustic projects such as Amptek or with Entropia collective.

Eclectic Productions publishes this album which contains Electronics music for prepared and electronically treated guitars.
His experimentation employs electric guitar in new sound dimensions with the use of technological equipment. Alex Marenga, a Luigi Russolo‘s futuristm scholar uses noise and sound as materials to assemble his music.

These tracks are abstract paintings of a dissonant present, digitized portraits of a transforming world, uneasiness of a polluted society, a glimpse into a dissolving culture.
An attempt to draw sums on the role of an iconic instrument of the post-industrial world at a new historical stage.

But what is an augmented guitar?

An enhanced guitar is a normal electric or acoustic guitar processed through laptop computers or modular synth as an alternative to the traditional effects chain.
To enhance the capabilities of the laptop effects Alex Marenga has used the Guitar Wing from Livid Instruments, a wi-fi controller that allows you to pilot Ableton Live directly from the body of the instrument.

What kind of guitars needed?

Alex Marenga used a customized Godin Session Custom with Fishman Midi Wifi Pick Up, a You Rock Guitar Gen 2 Midi controller, and some customized Fender Telecaster and Stratocaster with JAM ORIGIN MIdi conversion software and an Epiphone Dobro.

Only computers and synths have been used?

Alex used Ableton Live with many channels of effects and virtual synthesizers for every track and a hybrid modular synth (with Mutable Instruments, MakeNoise and Doepfer cards).
But not only. A special effects chain with boutique and rare pedals.





a new compilation of Amptek’s tracks on Bandcamp

A collection of classic electronic tracks by Amptek from 1997 to now. Electro, ambient, breakbeat, experimental music composed and performed by Alex Marenga with his original and unmistakable style.
Only in digital download on our Bandcamp Page:


Raccolta retrospettiva che recupera brani realizzati fra il 1997 e il 2017.
Le tracce sono presenti su album ed e.p. pubblicati in vari formati: digitale, cd e vinile ed essendo quindi già presenti sui principali store web all’interno di altre raccolte sono distribuite in esclusiva sul nostro Bandcamp.  “A Collection of Summer Hits” ha il formato di un disco doppio contiene infatti 27 brani ad un prezzo speciale.
Prossimamente Eclectic presenterà una analoga raccolta di Entropia.



1. Falso Movimento 06:48
2. Biotechnological Humanity 04:45
3. Missing Life 06:29
4. Haxan 13:29
5. Hypotesys on Alien Life p.2 09:21
6. Definitions 03:18
7. Technology’s Effects On Cognition 07:41
8. Checksum 01:54
9. Dreamland 02:25
10..Augmented Reality 07:12
11..Cognitive Dissonance 06:05
12..Suspension of Disbelief 04:03
13..Temporal Plasticity 03:36
14. Metacommunicative Abstracts 04:26
15. Anthropocentrism 04:56
16. The Eclipse of Reason part3: Seduction and Persuasion 04:52
17. Hemispheres: segment 2 06:48
18. Area 51 (Groomlake Version) 07:36
19. The Goldberg Ambients 06:48
20. The Speculative Bubble 04:31
21. Equilibrium 05:24
22. Engineers of the Masses 02:24
23. Create Your Own Future 03:23
24. Ghosts Before Breakfast 03:48
25. Unresolved Emotional Issues 06:18
26. Body Language 08:09
27. The Physics of The Universe part 2 06:43

releases September 30, 2017

Alex Marenga’s new album in october 2017

The new album by Alex Marenga will be released in October for the “Artist Series” by Eclectic Productions.
For the first time without using mysterious nicknames.
The title of the work is “Music for Augmented Guitars”.
This record will include a series of processed electric guitar tracks recorded using  laptops, modular synths and effects chains.